The Bacchus Marsh Primary School (BMPS) opened its doors for the first time on 13th May 1850.

This was the very first state run school to be opened in Victoria.

The Primary School started life as the Bacchus Marsh National School. It was established under the Board of National Education of New South Wales.

Victoria at the time was still a part of New South Wales, and gold had yet to be discovered.

Bacchus Marsh as a settled area had begun in 1838, when Captain William Bacchus settled in the valley.

By 1849 a private school was running for the settlers children, in a house along Main Road (now the Avenue of Honour).

When the New South Wales government encouraged the establishment of National Schools, partly funded by the government, the settlers of Bacchus Marsh decided to convert their private school into a National School. The Board of National Education endorsed the decision and the Bacchus Marsh National School was born.

The school in Bacchus Marsh was the first National School to be established in the Port Phillip District of New South Wales.

The school’s name was changed to State School in 1872 with the establishment of the Victorian Education Department, and it was not until 1970 that is became known as a Primary School.

The school was first located in a small house along the present day Avenue of Honour. It moved to its present day location of Lerderderg Street in 1865.

The school began with one teacher and an attendance of 14. In the modern era (the early 2000’s) there are approximately 35 staff with a general enrolment of 550.

– Irene Hogan

Earlier site on the history of BMPS

Bacchus Marsh Primary School Website

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